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Roomside Condensation

Condensation on the interior of windows and doors is not caused by the window or door product.  Condensation is the result of high humidity levels in your home. Air with high humidity holds water vapor until it comes into contact with a surface temperature less than or equal to the dew point (the temperature at which air becomes saturated and produces dew).
Because glass surfaces are usually the coldest part of the home, condensation appears on windows first, generally in the form of water droplets or frost on the roomside of your window.  As interior air becomes drier or as the glass surface becomes warmer, condensation begins to dissipate.   Replacing drafty windows and doors or installing a new roof or siding reduces air infiltration into your home making it tighter.  Because a tighter home retains more humidity, condensation on colder surfaces in the home may occur more frequently than before the changes in the construction.